why babies sleep with their arms up

People have many questions about why babies sleep with their arms up?

Actually, it is quite easy to explain. It is simply because humans are not birds! Birds use their wings to fly, whereas babies need both hands for other purposes. Babies need both hands in order to learn how to live on this planet, and that requires an incredible amount of practice.

Remember, humans, are evolved, creatures. It is not at all surprising or unnatural that babies sleep with their arms up!

why babies sleep with their arms up
why babies sleep with their arms up?

Actually, it makes perfect sense to me. After all, the most important thing in life is keeping your hands warm, which might help you live longer. So why not use both of them during sleep?

You see… for many years people have wondered how babies manage to turn off their lights without using their feet… but now we know the truth! Babies need two hands to turn off their own light switches and I bet they do this because they’re too little and weak to just reach up and pull down a lever.

There’s no mystery here folks – it’s called evolution! You may think you know everything there is to know about babies, but trust me, you don’t. Babies are evolving all the time and their evolution has taken a great leap forward thanks to sleeping with their arms up.

People have also wondered why they nod off so quickly when they go out. I mean… what else are they supposed to do? They cannot walk or talk yet! The answer is simple – it’s really tiring keeping your hands up there all day long! So thank goodness for beds…

Babies would never sleep without their arms up in the air because that would be unnatural. It’s good enough for us humans isn’t it? And if you think about it, if babies were meant not to use their arms during sleep then they wouldn’t have arms in the first place.

Why does my baby always have her arms up?

If your baby is in the womb and you put your hands on your belly, then there is a likelihood that she will respond to these movements by putting her arms up. This happens because she can feel your touch whether through her skin or through her bones which are very close to the surface at this point in her development.

Another reason why babies sleep with their arms up is that doing so gives them a sense of security. It makes them feel safe, even though there are no threats around.

Sometimes babies may have their hands in the air because they’re too little to know what to do with them. They could be feeling fidgety and these gestures will help them calm down or relieve some of their energy.

One interesting thing to know is that babies will also tend to put their hands up when they are asleep because this helps them hold on to the feeling of security and stability they experienced while awake. Many times you’ll look at your little one and see his or her arms in the air, but don’t worry.

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