why are some babies quieter than others?

babies are loud. they cry, whimper, gurgle, holler, and squawk about everything from hunger to discomfort but why are some babies quieter than others?

A new study suggests that even though everyone knows that some babies are louder than others, no one seems quite sure why.

The lead scientist on the project was quoted as saying: ‘we know that parenting styles can’t really change a baby’s propensity for naughtiness or quietude.

but we were totally unable to find any physical reason. As to why some infants seem to spend their first months of life. doing very little other than screaming’ she continued: ‘it could well be down to diet or it might just be genetic predisposition but we’ll keep until we find out!’

why are some babies quieter than others?
why are some babies quieter than others?

this study comes hot on the heels of another recent report which stated that babies themselves are not in the least bit bothered by how they sound when they cry.

one baby was quoted as saying: ‘i don’t particularly care what my parents think about the noises I make – or any noises for that matter’ another added: ‘babies are little humans too –

they have their own thoughts and feelings which, although often very immature, are every bit as valid as those of anyone else’

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