“My spouse is not involved in the pregnancy, what should I do? “: the answer of our expert and midwife Adrien Gantois

You have to keep in mind that your spouse may not have the same notions as you about pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum. Maybe he doesn’t want to be intrusive, and he still thinks it’s your business, it’s your story, and maybe he doesn’t want to put you struggling and feeling uncomfortable in the couple relationship during pregnancy.

So, when your spouse is not interested in the pregnancy, you should invite him to come with you to theearly prenatal interview where we are going to take stock of how it is going, how it is organized. Perhaps at that point he will be able to have some speaking time to be able to express his view of the parenthood, his view on pregnancy, on this parental project and to clarify for you also the role of each in this project, since it is not up to you to decide for him. He will have his role as father, as you will have your role as mother. With his personality, he is clearly not going to change the day after giving birth. So the idea is to be able to take stock, to be able to put things straight and identify the important moments when it is necessary to be present during pregnancy, during childbirth. And above all, during the postpartum period and the beginnings of parenthood.

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