Meghan Markle described as a “narcissistic sociopath” by her former employees

Is there a media outburst against Meghan Markle, or is she really detestable in private? It must be recognized in any case that the negative comments against him accumulate… This Sunday, September 25, the Daily Mail publishes new extracts from Courtiers : The Hidden Power Behind the Crownthe highly anticipated book by British journalist Valentine Low, which is scheduled for release on October 6th.

A book against the former Duchess of Sussex, which notably compiles numerous testimonies from former employees of Kensington Palace who worked in her service. Those who call themselves “Sussex survivors club”, thus qualify Meghan Markle of“narcissistic sociopath”, “tyrannical”, “odious” et “naughty“. Prince Harry’s wife would have brought a lot of employees to tears.

“She wanted to be rejected”

“Everyone knew the institution would be judged on her happiness. The mistake they made was thinking she wanted to be happy”, testified a former staff member. According to him, the position of victim of Meghan Markle was well wanted by Meghan herself.“She wanted to be rejected, because she had been obsessed with this story from day one”assures this former employee.

This Saturday already, the British newspaper already revealed the testimony of Samantha Cohen, their former private secretary. The latter told how she was pushed to the limit by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. “Nothing she did was good enough for the couple.” writes Valentine Low in her book. And to continue: “Sam (Cohen) always said she felt like she was working for two teenagers. They were insufferable and pushed her over the edge. She was in terrible shape.”

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