No, vegan cheese is not a good option for toddlers. Vegan cheese is made from plant-based ingredients and it doesn’t contain any dairy. It can be made from cashews, almonds, soybeans, and other nuts.

Vegans are not allowed to eat dairy products because they are made from animal products. This means that vegans cannot eat meat, eggs, or dairy products like milk and cheese. Vegans also cannot use honey or animal byproducts like gelatin or whey in their food because these foods are also derived from animals.

Some people believe that vegan cheese is a good alternative for kids because it’s low-fat and contains no cholesterol. But this is not true because vegan cheese does not contain the healthy fats found in butter and cream cheese.

Can babies have dairy free cheese?

There is no scientific evidence that dairy-free cheese is bad for babies. Some people believe that dairy-free cheese can cause allergies in babies but these allergies are not proven.

The most important thing to remember is to avoid giving your baby cow’s milk if they have a milk protein allergy, which can be easily identified by a skin prick test.

There are many other sources of calcium for babies and toddlers, such as dark green vegetables, tofu, and calcium-fortified soy milk.

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