Lobster is food that children should not eat. It has a high level of mercury, which can cause serious harm to children.

Toddlers are generally too young to be able to tell the difference between safe and unsafe foods. This is why parents need to be careful when they serve them lobster at home.

Do you want to know if your toddler can eat lobster? Here’s how you can set the record straight.

This article is about how to determine if your toddler can eat lobster. There are certain signs that you should look for.

If your toddler can sit upright at the table, he or she may be ready for lobster. If you notice that your toddler is becoming more adventurous, then it’s time to bring the lobster in.

You should also watch out for any signs of choking or vomiting. This could indicate that your child has not yet mastered the skill of chewing and swallowing food without choking or vomiting

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