Can Toddlers Eat Jalapenos

What is the Average American’s Typical Diet?

The average American diet is not very diverse. We mostly eat meat, dairy, and processed food with a few vegetables thrown in. The average American will consume almost 3,000 calories every day.

Americans are also the heaviest people in the world with about one-third of adults being obese. This can be attributed to our lack of exercise and low consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Can Kids Safely Eat Jalapenos?

Jalapeno peppers are a popular food in the United States. People like to eat them because they can stimulate the senses and refresh the taste buds. But eating jalapenos can be dangerous for kids.

Many kids have reported severe reactions such as hives, asthma, coughing, wheezing and difficulty breathing after eating jalapenos. These reactions can happen even if your child has eaten a small amount of jalapenos.

Some people are concerned that these reactions are due to a new strain of jalapeno that has been developed or genetically modified to contain higher levels of capsaicin. But there is no evidence that this is true, in fact, there have been no reports of children developing these severe reactions after consuming non-genetically modified jalapenos.

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