Can Toddlers Drink Emergen C? Why You Should Give Your Toddler Emergen-C And Why It's Not Dangerous

What is Emergen-C?

Emergen-C is a drink mix that is designed to give users the nutrients their body needs during times of physical, mental, or emotional stress.

Emergen-C was originally designed for the US military by Dr. Robert Cade for soldiers who needed to stay alert and maintain their health while on duty. The drink mix was introduced in 1990 and its popularity has grown steadily since then. The Emergen-C drink mix comes in a packet of either two foil sachets or one foil sachet with powder inside it. Users have to empty the powder into about 4 ounces of water before drinking it, which then turns into a refreshing fizzy drink that will provide them with essential nutrients like Vitamin C, potassium, and B Vitamins.

Can Toddlers Drink Emergen C?

The question of whether or not toddlers can drink Emergen-C is a tricky one. It really depends on a toddler’s weight and age.

If a toddler weighs less than 33 pounds, then they should not be drinking Emergen-C. The taste will be too strong for them and it could lead to them throwing up the drink. If the toddler weighs more than 33 pounds, then there are some circumstances where it is okay for them to drink Emergen-C.

It is never recommended that toddlers drink Emergen-C if they are under four years old or less than 33 pounds, but if they are over that weight and age restriction, it is still not advisable for them to drink all of the packets at once – especially if they have any underlying health conditions like asthma or diabetes.

Benefits of Giving Emergen-C to Toddlers

In the past, it was common to give children a bit of orange juice or a piece of candy when they were feeling ill. However, this has been shown to be ineffective and even harmful! Instead, doctors recommend giving a child Emergen-C. This can be given to children as young as 1 year old.

Emergen-C is a drink mix that provides your child with necessary vitamins and minerals that will help them feel better after they’ve been exposed to germs or have been sick for an extended period of time. It also contains the natural electrolyte potassium which will help replace what is lost from vomiting or diarrhea.

In conclusion, Emergen-C is the perfect solution for toddlers who are sick and cannot keep down any other foods or drinks.

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