Can Babies Eat Motts Applesauce?

The answer to this question is yes, babies can eat Motts applesauce. This applesauce is a good source of Vitamin C, which helps keep your baby healthy. It is also a good source of fiber, which helps keep your baby’s digestive system functioning properly. Be sure to check the ingredients label to make sure that the applesauce does not contain any added sugar or other unhealthy ingredients.

Can Babies Eat Motts Applesauce?
Can Babies Eat Motts Applesauce?

If your baby is old enough to eat solid foods, you can give them Motts applesauce as one of their meals or snacks. You can also mix it in with their other food items to make it more palatable for them. Just be sure to follow the package’s instructions for preparing the applesauce, if they are different than what you normally do when feeding your baby.

You can feed Motts applesauce to babies who are 6 months or older. To feed it to an infant, be sure to check with their pediatrician first. If you have any questions about this product or whether your baby can eat it, be sure to ask their doctor.

can babies eat motts applesauce? The answer is yes they can enjoy this sugary condiment with no ill effects on their health shortly. Motts produce brands of all-natural fruit juices and apple sauce with many flavors for children to enjoy. For more information on their products visit


1. What is in Motts applesauce?

All-natural applesauce with pear and added Vitamin C

2. What is the serving size of Motts applesauce?

Motts Applesauce is served in a 3.25 oz container, which makes 1/2 cup. One container provides one full serving of fruit for children ages 1-3 years old.

3. Can you freeze Motts applesauce?

No, it is not recommended to freeze the Motts applesauce.

4. Is Motts applesauce healthy for children to eat?

Yes, if your child is one year of age or older then they are at an age where they can try new foods and textures. Mott’s makes all-natural products that are safe for your little ones to enjoy every day!

5. How many servings in a container of Motts applesauce?

The serving size is  1/2 cup or 3.25 oz, which provides one full serving of fruit for children ages 1-3 years old.

6. How much sugar is in a serving of Motts applesauce?

There are 14 grams of sugar per 1/2 cup or 3.25 oz of Motts applesauce.

7. Is there a nutritional difference between the old and new containers?

The nutritional content is the same in both the old and new containers of Motts applesauce. Both containers have a serving size of 1/2 cup or 3.25 oz and provide one full serving of fruit for children ages 1-3 years old.

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